12 students sat in a large lecture theatre listening and watching the lecturer in the middle of the room.

How to get the most from your lectures

This video covers how to get the most from your lectures. It's not just about sitting in a lecture theatre and taking notes, there's things you can do before, during and after your lecture in order to maximise your learning. 


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[00:00:09] Speaker 1 Getting the most out of your lecture isn't just about sitting in a theatre or classroom and taking notes. It's what you do before, during and after your lecture to maximise learning. Any preparation you do will be very useful. [00:00:21] Speaker 2 Sometimes it can be overwhelming taking in all the new information from a lecture, especially the first week of uni. It's important to get on top of all the work that's been recommended by the lecturer. This can make you feel more relaxed when you start. [00:00:33] Speaker 3 You might have also been already given useful articles of various sorts. So it's always good to know how much you already know about the topic of the lecture and what would be new for you. What is it that you really need to learn more about? [00:00:45] Speaker 1 You could pop to the library or have a look online to try and get a head start. There may be YouTube videos on the theme of your lecture content that you can watch as well. [00:00:55] Speaker 2 It's essential to be on time for your lecture. There's nothing more embarrassing than walking past all those staring faces. [00:01:01] Speaker 1 If you can try to sit near the lecturer it shows that you're not only attentive, but you may feel more prepared to learn, concentrate and take notes. [00:01:12] Speaker 3 Different approaches work for different people when it comes to taking note taking, be it writing, typing, or finding a shorthand technique that records your information best. [00:01:20] Speaker 1 Most of the time your lecture will share PowerPoint slides online so you don't need to take notes, word for word. Focusing on what the lecture is saying means that you can take notes and then access the content online after the session. [00:01:32] Speaker 2 With note taking, it's important to establish what works for you. If you get stuck, reach out to classmates or seek further academic support. [00:01:43] Speaker 3 Don't get distracted and put your phone away. However, if you are recording the lecture, if that is permitted, don't let that be a substitute for paying attention to the lecture. [00:01:54] Speaker 1 If you are recording the lecture, you can do this in conjunction with your note taking. Make sure to note any key timings of the lecture to review at a later date. [00:02:04] Speaker 2 Don't be shy of asking questions when the lecturer offers the opportunity during the lecture, make sure to write notes of questions you might have for later. [00:02:14] Speaker 3 It's really important to stay focussed and to concentrate. So if you feel like your mind starts to wander, make sure to bring it back. You have to stay in the here and now. [00:02:24] Speaker 1 When it comes to the end of the lecture and it's time to leave. It's not over yet. [00:02:29] Speaker 2 Grab a coffee with a classmate or two and chat over what you've learned. Get some valuable help and opinions and give some out as well. [00:02:36] Speaker 3 Finally, after the lecture is the best time to get your notes into shape. Your head will be fresh from what you've learned in the last hour or two. So now is the best time to do it. [00:02:45] Speaker 1 Leave it too late, and if your note taking is too brief, something that you have added may be unclear. Now is the optimum time to put everything into shape. [00:02:54] Speaker 2 All that's left to do now is go off and enjoy yourself. [00:02:56] Speaker 3 Confident that you've done the best to get the most out of your lecture. [00:03:00] Speaker 1 And feeling fully prepared to do it all again another day.