12 students sat in a large lecture theatre listening and watching the lecturer in the middle of the room.

How to get the most from your lectures

This video covers how to get the most from your lectures. It's not just about sitting in a lecture theatre and taking notes, there's things you can do before, during and after you lecture in order to maximise your learning. 


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[00:00:02] Paulina: Getting the most from your lectures isn't just about setting in the lecture theatre, our classroom and taking notes. You need to think about what you could do before, during and after your lecture in order to maximise your learning.
[00:00:17] Laura: Before. The first thing you need to do is to check your timetable and the content available on Moodle. Have you been given the recommended reading list yet to help you find some of the most up to date information available?
[00:00:27] Paulina: You might also have been given useful articles or videos to watch. It's a good idea to ask yourself how much we already know about the topic of the lecture and how much will be new to you. What do you need to learn more about?
[00:00:39] Speaker 3: Before you rush to the library to find as many textbooks as you can try having a look online to see what is available to help you build up your understanding of the topic before the lecture. YouTube, for example, can be an extremely useful part of your research. You can find presentations from academics and professionals in your subject field. Try listening to as many as you can. Different presenters can give different examples and different viewpoints to help you
[00:01:03] Paulina: During. Are you planning to take lots of notes? A lot of students find taking notes, helps them process and remember the information from the lecture? Unfortunately, some students find the opposite is true.
[00:01:14] Speaker 3: If this is the case for you have you thought about recording your lectures? You might find it also helps to make notes of key timings and subjects so that you can review them more easily after the lecture.
[00:01:24] Paulina: After. You might forget a lot of the content of the lecture if you just put your notes in the folder. Reviewing your notes or listening to the recording can help you work out how much you have understood and which part of the lecture you need to find out more about.
[00:01:38] Laura: Talking with your classmates and asking each other questions can also help how you check your understanding? How much can you explain? How many questions can you answer? Try it and see if it helps you. [00:01:38]