Top tips for a great day out in Birmingham

Birmingham City University vlogger Olivia takes a wander around the city and checks out some of the highlights.

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[00:00:03] Olivia Hey, guys, my name is Olivia and here are my top tips for great out in Birmingham. I'm actually standing right by the Birmingham library right now, which is the biggest public library in the UK, it's actually got a couple of gardens. which you can see a great view of Birmingham from.

[00:00:15] Olivia Birmingham is also home to the bullring, a major shopping centre in the heart of the city. It's got all of the shops and restaurants that you could need, including the signature Selfridges store. And it's only a stone's throw from the BCU City Centre Campus. Definitely one of my personal favourite places to visit in Birmingham.

[00:00:32] If high street shops aren't your thing, they're also second hand shops and markets around the city. So there's always something for everyone. Birmingham also has an array of transport links around the West Midlands in the UK. I've been on some great day trips from anywhere to London to Wales. There are trams, buses, taxis and a huge train station providing you with great transport.

[00:00:52] If you're into arts and culture. And there's lots of museums in and around the Birmingham behind me is the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

[00:00:59] When visiting, you definitely have to check out some of the yummiest restaurants in Birmingham from almost any cuisine that you can think of. My favourite is definitely the Ramen Bar, which is located in Selfridges. Digbeth is a growing bohemian district, just a short walk from the city centre. It's home to some of the coolest independent shops, restaurants and cinemas. A great place to visit if you get a chance. Thank you for listening.