Hellraiser stars reunited at Cine-Excess International Film Festival

Cine-Excess International Film Festival 2023

Three of cinema’s most recognisable cult horror stars will make a special appearance at the Cine-Excess International Film Festival 2023, taking place online and in cinemas across the Midlands from the 17th to 28th October.

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Celebrated actors Nicholas Vince, Barbie Wilde and Simon Bamford, who starred as sinister cenobites in Hellraiser (1987) and Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988) will reunite as part of the festival. 

"Cine-Excess film festival is a unique and extraordinary festival. It will be great getting together with a couple of my fellow cenobites and celebrating the genius of Clive Barker and the Hellraiser films," said Wilde. 

"I think Hellraiser and Hellraiser II have lasted as they were so unique for their time, they're intelligent horror and more than jump scares, freaky makeup and costume," added Vince. 

All three actors are travelling to the West Midlands on Thursday 19th October to mentor film students from Birmingham City University (BCU), their trip will culminate with a special screening of Hellraiser at the Birmingham Electric Cinema.

Actor Doug Bradley, who played the iconic Pinhead character in Hellraiser will also participate in the event through a pre-recorded film interview conducted from the USA.

The Cine-Excess International Film Festival is led by Xavier Mendik, Professor of Cult Cinema Studies at Birmingham City University (BCU).

The festival’s annual schedule includes visiting filmmakers, a programme of UK film premieres, student mentoring sessions and an online conference for international film scholars.

Simon Bamford who played Butterball cenobite in Hellraiser says Cine-Excess is “vital for new talent” and believes the festival is helping “bridge the gap” between film education and the wider movie industry.

“It is only through networking that we open doors to a career in the industry, connection is key, and Cine-Excess are master locksmiths,” added Bamford.

“As a youngster who was raised in the Midlands, it is an honour to be invited to the festival. Many people still see London as the base for film. It's important to remind them that film talent is inclusive nationwide.”

The schedule for Cine-Excess 2023 Film Festival and Conference includes:

  • Thursday 19 October 4 pm: Canadian filmmakers the Soska sisters, Jenifer and Sylvia, (American Mary 2012, Rabid 2019, On the Edge 2022) will join Cine-Excess 2023 via a live stream and task BCU MA film students to devise marketing strategies for potential new remakes of horror film classics.
  • Nicolas Vince, Barbie Wilde and Simon Bamford will receive their Cine-Excess Innovator of Horror Awards at the Birmingham Electric Cinema, this special event includes a screening of Hellraiser.   
  • 17th - 20th October: Themed academic conferences throughout the day which include a live-streamed keynote address by Professor Barbara Creed (University of Melbourne), author of ‘The Monstrous Feminine’. 
  • Saturday 28th October: The festival concludes with the worldwide theatrical premiere of the new documentary ‘The Exorcist Untold’ (Robin Bextor 2023), which will screen simultaneously across a range of Midlands cinemas.

The theme of Cine-Excess 2023 ‘Raising Hell: Demons, Darkness and the Abject’ considers the social and cultural significance of the possessed, supernatural body in cult horror classics.

Cine-Excess’s international audiences will be able to enjoy a curated screening season ‘Possessed Bodies, Monstrous Beings and the Abject’ which features startling new film premieres from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Italy, Austria, and Indonesia.

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