Recorder Recordings

The Foley recorder has an unfocussed tone with a breathy quality, probably due to the damage to the lip.

The two octave range is considerably contracted, ie the distance between f’ and f’’’ is much too narrow.

The middle part of the range is relatively usable, eg from g’ to d’’. However, even here, g’’ is very sharp and requires the addition of finger 4 all the time. F’’ is also sharp and requires finger 5 or possibly 4 all the time.

The performer on this extract is Ross Winters. This recording was made on 9 July 2008.

1.4 - Recorder by Foley

♦ James Hook (1747 - 1827): Divertimento: Allegro (A Third Set of Twelve Divertimentos, Op. 35, 1784). WAV | MP3

Originally for harpsichord with accompaniment by violin or flute, this arrangement is transposed up a 4th for the recorder.