Brexit presents a wide range of challenges and potential changes to both the UK and Europe.  As part of the Centre for Brexit Studies commitment to producing the latest research between multiple disciplines, our colleagues frequently publish new content within a variety of publications.  Details of some of these publications can be found below:

Academic Area Details
Dr Petra Minnerop-Röben Citizenship

Roeben, V., Snell, J., Telles, P.,Minnerop-Roben, P. and Bush (2017), 'The Feasibility of Associate EU Citizenship for UK Citizens Post-Brexit, Swansea University.  Last Accessed: 12th February 2018.  Available from Greens/EFA website.

Dr Arantza Gomez Arana Policy Making

Francesco Cavotorta, Raj S. Chari, Sylvia Kritzinger, Arantza Gomez Arana (2008), 'EU External Policy-Making and the Case of Morocco: Realistically Dealing with Authoritarianism,' Eur. Foreign Aff. Rev. Last Accessed: 22nd March 2018.  Available as a PDF from Google Scholar.

Professor Alex de Ruyter Unions

Umit Korkut, Alex de Ruyter, Manos Maganaris and David Bailey (2017), 'What next for unions in Central and Eastern Europe? Invisibility, departure and the transformation of industrial relations,' European Journal of Industrial Relations, SAGE Journals. Last Accessed: 22nd March 2018. Available from SAGE Journals website.