Who is the real Boris Johnson?


Two of the leading political journalists in the region have shared their views, thoughts and knowledge on Boris Johnson’s new role of Prime Minister, his cabinet, what his premiership will look like and if we are yet to discover the real Boris.

Kathryn Stanczyszyn, BBC Politics Reporter and Peter Madeley, Politics Editor at the Express and Star came together to discuss Boris Johnson, his stance on a No Deal Brexit and what this means for the Brexit process, as well as the UK, on the Centre for Brexit Studies Podcast.

Topics discussed in the episode include Boris’s past, future and the road to him becoming PM, as well as his stance on Brexit that makes him different to Theresa May, what he could be remembered for during his premiership, and a possible General Election on the horizon.

The podcast episode also opens up the discussion on Boris’s role of a Journalist and if this has helped him get to where he is today, how news has changed since June 2016 and what the reaction has been to Boris as PM in the West Midlands.

Brexit: The Boris Johnson Effect is available to listen to on the Centre’s SoundCloud now. 

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