When will the public return to work?


Centre for Brexit Studies Senior Fellow Dr Steven McCabe has shared his thoughts and views on coronavirus (COVID-19) and when the public could expect to go back to work, and what workplaces will be like in the coming months.

In a video shared today, the expert discussed what we could expect Prime Minister Boris Johnson to outline this week for potential lockdown measures being eased, as well as how the Government will urge employers to minimise numbers using equipment, stagger shift times and maximise home-working. Dr McCabe discussed how difficult it could be for us to return to a ‘normal’ working environment before the end of the year.

He also discussed Michael Gove’s plan for a ‘customs agent academy’ and if the plan to train 50,000 form fillers for post-Brexit trade is this a sign of what’s to come post-Brexit, and if this shows more signs of the UK heading towards a No Deal. 

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