Enabling a shift to EV and its impact on the Supply Chain and Workers

Enabling a shift to EV and its impact on the Supply Chain and Workers
Date and time
29 Apr 2022 (9:00am - 12:00pm)

Birmingham City University



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Join us at our latest hybrid event where a panel of experts will be discussing issues in the automotive sector.

About this event

At our upcoming hybrid event, panellists will be discussing the issues regarding a ‘just transition’ to electric vehicles in the automotive sector. We will present findings from our research which was funded by the British Academy. The research, led by Professor Alex de Ruyter, draws upon evidence from the West Midlands and South Australia to help inform the debate. 

Key themes to be explored are views on the current state of the electric vehicle industry, the dependency on Vehicle Manufacturers, what skills mix is required and where skills gaps were, what the role of government should be to facilitate transition and lastly, any issues pertaining to underpinning infrastructure.


8.30am – Networking and coffee

9.00am – Welcome and introductions

9.15am – Presentation of research findings by panellists

10.30am – Coffee break

10.45am – Roundtable discussion

11.45am – Conclusions and next steps

12pm – Close

Please be aware that if you wish to join via Zoom, this will only be available from 9:00am-10:30am

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Panel Members include:

Ian Henry - An experienced automotive production forecaster and supply chain analyst; Ian is Visiting Professor of Automotive Business Strategy in the Centre for Brexit Studies at Birmingham City University. He is the owner and managing director of Auto Analysis. He is an adviser to the SMMT, the UK automotive trade association, and numerous vehicles companies and suppliers. He also advised the UK government on the potential costs of a Hard Brexit on the automotive industry. His detailed knowledge of the European production plans and model allocations to different factories is essential in understanding the location of cell and battery assembly plants.

Gill Bentley (Ms) BA (Hons), MPhil, MRTPI, MIED, FeRSA - Policy analyst in the Centre for Brexit Studies at Birmingham City University, Gill has assisted in undertaking the research for the project ‘Enabling a just transition in automotive: evidence from the West Midlands and South Australia’. An Honorary Fellow and former lecturer at the University of Birmingham, an expert on local, national, regional and EU economic development, industrial and labour market policy and governance.

Sally Weller - An Associate Professor in Industrial Restructuring at the University of South Australia in Adelaide, Australia. Her work in the economic geography discipline focuses on labour market change and industrial transformation in regional areas. Sally is a frequent contributor to public policy in Australia and has conducted numerous consultancy projects for the Australian government, State governments and non-profit organisations.

David Bailey - Professor of Business Economics at Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham, Senior Fellow of the UK in a Changing Europe initiative and Visiting Professor at the Centre for Brexit Studies. He has written extensively on industrial and regional policy, especially in relation to manufacturing and the auto industry. His recent research has been funded by a number of state and private organisations.

The event is taking place at Birmingham City University at 9:00am on Friday 29 April. If you are unable to make it and wish to join us on Zoom, sign up for your free ticket on Eventbrite and register to Zoom here.

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