Centre Director shares thoughts on European Election Results

hand putting voting form in ballot box

Centre for Brexit Studies Director Professor Alex de Ruyter has shared his views and expertise on the results of the European Elections. As predicted, The Brexit Party celebrated success, as did the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party, in comparison to both the Conservative Party and the Labour Party, who are proving to be deeply unpopular across the UK.

In a short video shared today, Professor Alex de Ruyter has stated that the ‘real winners’ of the European Elections were in fact the Anti-Brexit supporting parties, including the Liberal Democrats and the Greens, which overall had a vote share of 40.4 per cent. The Pro-Brexit parties, including The Brexit Party and UKIP, had an overall vote share of 34.9 per cent. However, neither of these percentages include the Conservative Party (9.1 per cent) and the Labour Party (14.1 per cent).

Professor Alex de Ruyter also discussed what the results mean for the Brexit process, how both the Conservative and Labour parties should feel about these results, what we can expect from The Brexit Party, what the next moves for Liberal Democrats and Greens could be, if Change UK are over before they’ve started, and how different these results are compared to those of 2014.

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