Brexit and Hate Crime


Brexit has caused a spike in hate crime both online and offline. But what is it about the EU Referendum that has caused the rise in hate crime across religions, cultures and more, and what can we expect once the UK has left the EU?

Two leading Brexit experts, Dr Steven McCabe, Senior Fellow at the Centre for Brexit Studies, and Graham Eardley, National Spokesman for UKIP, have gone head to head to discuss the spike in hate crime, how Brexit has impacted this and what they want to see be done to those who take part in spreading hate.

The duo also discuss Boris Johnson’s past and present use of language, and controversial statements he has made in the past, as well as the impact that this is having on MPs in Parliament, and those looking in.

They also talk about if the EU Referendum was about much more than the EU itself, if Tommy Robinson has impacted politics, what EU nationals can do if they feel unsafe and if US President Donald Trump has had any part to play in the rise of so called ‘keyboard warriors’.

Brexit and Hate Crime is available to listen to on the Centre’s SoundCloud now. 

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