Business, Law and Social Sciences Round-up #2

A round-up of all the latest goings on within the Faculty of Business, Law and Social Sciences

MA Criminology students Jack the Ripper visit

MA Criminology students went to London for a Jack The Ripper trip where students were taken on a guided tour, and given a deep critical analysis of the Jack the Ripper case.

Student Sophie Geppert said: "The Jack the Ripper trip was an amazing experience providing valuable knowledge that proves massively beneficial within course content. The tour was amazing, provided a unique learning experience which we don't get sitting in classrooms and it was so nice to spend the day blended in different levels with different pathways/courses allowing discussions to take place from many different viewpoints."

Student Hollie Dales said: "The Jack the Ripper tour was incredibly insightful. Information was portrayed sensitively and respectfully, and it really demonstrated the true horror of these murders. It has encouraged me to think more widely about the topic, and to look at the historical/context when analysing the nature of a case. Truly a brilliant and illuminating trip."

Win to mark 25th year of prison debate

Black Studies (Criminal Justice) students Summer Rivers and Julanar Saleh recently won the BCU vs HM Prison Grendon Annual Debate.

Established in 1998, the annual debate is now in its 25th year and sees students debate against the inmates of HM Prison Grendon, the UK’s only therapeutic prison community for the treatment of serious sex offenders and violent offenders.

The students had to oppose the motion "This house believes that prisons will be made safer by restricting prison regimes and limited prisoner association". 

The debate saw a lively discussion on both sides. Summer and Julanar’s arguments gravitated around the detrimental effects of isolation on mental health, institutionalisation, and the importance of rehabilitation for residents' safety and public protection.

The audience judges the debate, comprised of around 100 individuals, including prison residents, students and prison staff. The students won comfortably with over 40 votes against 14 for the residents. 

Summer said: “Taking part in the BCU vs HMP Grendon debate was a unique, valuable and important learning moment. I was proud to be involved, not only because I challenged my own fear of public speaking in a relatively intense environment, but also because it was a mutually beneficial opportunity for the Grendon residents working towards rehabilitation. 

Student takes to the airwaves

Policing and Investigation student Andy Stanciu was on BBC WM recently to discuss his time volunteering on the Romania-Ukraine border. Andy flew out to the Romania-Ukraine border in March 2022 and spent more than a month assisting thousands of refugees fleeing the war.

"I want to help people, and this is my way of being able to do that," he said.

Before moving to the UK for university, Mr Stanciu previously worked as a first responder for the Romanian fire service.