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Every Tuesday, 12 noon - 1


Rebecca will be guiding meditations each week. We will be doing a variety of practices, including mindfulness of breathing, walking meditation, body scan, loving-kindness, compassion, joyful appreciation. You may sit in a chair or lie down, if you need to. We can provide yoga mats on request. You might wish to bring a shawl, blanket, or something else to keep you warm, if you tend to feel the cold when sitting for more than a few minutes.


Each week we will be guided through a short flow sequence via an online yoga tutorial video. The tutorials will change each week, along with the instructors, and will include everything from traditional hatha poses to those fundamental asana followed in ashtanga yoga.  This session is aimed at beginners/intermediates and will run for approximately 20-25 minutes. You do not need any previous experience to attend but it is advisable that you listen to your body and take rest when you need it. Please bring your own mat and any blocks/straps you use as part of your home/studio practice.

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You can sign up via the form below.  Spaces are limited to 15 places, on a first come, first served basis, so if you can't attend, could you please let Rebecca or Keeley know in advance.

You must also fill in the health and safety form below prior to coming. This form must be completed before you can attend. You only need to fill it the health and safety survey once, unless details change.

Current dates:

  • Tuesday April 16 (Room C463)
  • Tuesday April 30 (C463)
  • Tuesday May 21 (C463) 

We look forward to seeing you there. Om Shanti.

Please email us with any questions:

Keeley Abbott (yoga):

Rebecca Semmens-Wheeler (meditation):  RebeccaSemmens-Wheeler         

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