I AM BCU: Pravjoth Gill

Within Pravjoth’s first year she has created her own online fitness and nutrition company, produced a podcast, and is in the process of setting up a society for like-minded entrepreneurs. Pravjoth has hemiplegia cerebral palsy so it’s important for her that she attends a university that provides the support she needs. 

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"When applying to university, I wanted to study a universal subject and, throughout my A Levels, I was drawn to business. I found that BCU could help to develop both my practical and academic skills, which in turn would push me to create my own business and help others. Studying in Birmingham appealed to me too, with its bright business prospects and connections.

Starting university with a disability can be challenging and accessibility was a main priority for me. Once enrolled on the course, the wellbeing team approached me in a supportive and personalised way to ensure my needs were heard. This gave me the confidence to start university, knowing I would be supported every step of the way.

I joined the BSEEN (Birmingham Skills for Enterprise and Employability Network) cohort at the University, where fellow entrepreneurs are supported with setting up businesses. In December 2019, I was encouraged to start my own fitness and nutrition company (called Movement Fitness and Nutrition). This focuses on people with disabilities and medical conditions. I also produce The AWARE Panel weekly podcast which discusses a variety of issues which we face in society today.

I love new and exciting opportunities and have taken my first year in my stride. I am so proud of all my projects – these have even led to me being nominated for the Extra Mile Award ‘Enterprising Student of the Year 2020’. For BCUSU (the Student Union), I’m the Co-Director/Student Trustee, and I also work as a student ambassador for BCU. Currently, I’m in the process of launching the Entrepreneurship Society for students who want to build their business network.

I AM BCU to me means that we all share the same vision to progress further through education. BCU is such a good place for young entrepreneurs to start any kind of business and gives you personalised advice when starting or growing your business. I believe that you can achieve your dreams if you surround yourself with others who share the same vision and ambition as you!"

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