Exploring Pakistan’s death penalty

If you thought studying at university was just about learning from the experts, then think again. At our Faculty, we pride ourselves on an approach which prioritises learning by doing - which means enabling you to become an expert yourself! 

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So, we offer a variety of opportunities for you to get involved in ‘hands-on’ research alongside academics and your fellow students.

One of these schemes is called the BLSS Voluntary Research Assistantship Scheme (VRAS), and one particular project in our Law School recently saw Law student, Qasim Rangzeb, examining Pakistan’s death penalty.

This project involved Qasim providing assistance for a research publication on Islamic law and the death penalty – a project which seeks to continue the abolitionist discourse and tradition in the context of Islamic principles. A Voluntary Research Assistantship was required to carry out two key tasks: to conduct a literature review on the evolution of death penalty laws in Pakistan, including identifying relevant case law; and to construct a timeline of the history of the death penalty in Pakistan.

Qasim said, “I chose to get involved in this particular project as my family background derives from Pakistan, so I wanted to find out more about the country’s use of the death penalty. I enjoyed reading about the political and social factors around Pakistan’s use of the death penalty as well as delving into the laws, which run deep within the Pakistani society. The project enhanced my confidence with research skills, as well as improving my attention to detail.

Dr. Amna Nazir, Lecturer in Law and Associate Director of the Centre for Human Rights commented, “The research undertaken by Qasim for this VRA was meticulous and thorough. He was able to compile an impressive literature review on Pakistan’s engagement with the death penalty, demonstrating his breadth of research skills. The findings will be used for the preparation of a monograph on Islamic law and the death penalty, which is under contract with Routledge publishers.”

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