Olatunde Aremu

Joint Programme Leader in Public Health (MPH)

Dr Aremu specialises in Health Economics and Management and Population health. Dr. Aremu completed doctoral training at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm. He has more than 15 years of experience spanning MedTech consulting, Public Health, clinical practice and academia. 

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I am Dr Olatunde Aremu, a pharmacist, a health economist and a senior lecturer and programme leader on the Master of Public Health (MPH) course.

Academic history and expertise

My expertise is wide ranging, from core epidemiology to applied population health research and implementation science. I can attribute my strong academic background to my training at the Karolinska Institute School of Public Health in Stockholm where I did both my traditional MPH and doctoral training. Karolinska is the Epicentre of  epidemiological research and to survive you must love data. Simply put, I can say I am a core quantitative researcher and an ally of a meaningful mixed methods research.

Industry connections

I have worked with strategic partners in public, private and third sector organisations. I am currently working with colleagues here at BCU as a co-investigator on a funded grant awarded by one of our strategic partners, Birmingham City Council. The project was aimed at evaluating health at the fan zone during the Eurovision song contest. The project is unique due to its population and preventive health focus, as well as the potential implication it has for several policies.

The project was of immense benefits to our students as it provided many of them the unique opportunity to partake in the project, functioning as data collectors alongside myself and other academics. It provided these future Public Health practitioners an invaluable opportunity to get involved with data collection procedures in a real life setting. The ability to collect, synthesise and analyse data are some of the most sought out skills by employers of Public Health degree graduates. So, it was a thing of joy to be able to give our students such a precious opportunity.

Projects of note

I have worked on several interesting projects, but the most impactful one has been turning our previous MSc programme around as a programme leader and turning it into an MPH. The programme is now able to offer good academic training in Public Health to students and is highly recognisable in the sector.