Dr Tychonas Michailidis

Lecturer in Digital Media Technology

Dr Tychonas Michailidis is a Lecturer in Digital Media Technology at the School of Computing and Digital Technology. He is part of BIFCA, teaching both students in Birmingham and in Wuhan, China. He joined BCU in February 2020 from Solent University in Southampton.

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I am a Lecturer in Digital Media Technology within the School of Computing and Digital Technology at Birmingham City University. As the Course Director for the MSc User Experience Design program, I am teaching the Human Centred Design module. Additionally, I teach interactive music systems and sensor technologies in the Music Technology courses.

Academic history and expertise

My area of expertise is focused on haptic experiences and interactive systems. Specifically, my research focused around haptics and the design of haptic interaction systems. I have a strong interest in exploring the ways in which technology is understood, utilised, and applied from the user's perspective.

Before joining Birmingham City University in early 2020, I worked as a research fellow at Solent University in Southampton. During my time there, I actively participated in various projects, including the IMAGINE project from 2016 to 2018. This project involved the development of a Virtual Reality diagnostics tool specifically designed for marine engineers. Additionally, I worked on a project focused on creating a customised system called the Vibrotactile Armband (VARM). The purpose of VARM was to enable haptic communication and interaction between dancers and stage performers.

Furthermore, I was involved in research exploring ultrasound technology for haptic sensations, aiming to enhance audio spatialisation in virtual reality environments.

Industry connections

During my time at Solent University, I collaborated with Rolls Royce on the IMAGINE project, which involved developing a Virtual Reality diagnostics tool for marine engineers.

I am currently working with Diamond Centre Wales (KTP project), where examine user experience approaches specifically for luxury items. I am also engaged with SeaBot Maritime where my discussed possible user experience aspects related to virtual reality educational solutions in the maritime sector.

Student successes

The MSc UX Design course has proven to be highly successful, with our students achieving exceptional outcomes and demonstrating high levels of satisfaction upon graduation. Our alumni have secured a diverse range of roles in prestigious companies and organisations. For instance, some of our graduates have joined HDY Agency as Junior UX/UI Designers, while others have become Product Designers at Immersive Labs and at British Airways, UX Designers at Canon and PlayStation, and as UX Content Designers at Birmingham City Council, among other notable positions.

Furthermore, several students have developed a strong interest in pursuing further academic endeavours, leading them to secure fully funded PhD studentships at our esteemed DMT Lab. This demonstrates the academic rigor and research opportunities provided within our program. The accomplishments of our students extend beyond the classroom as well. Notably, our students were recognised with the first prize at the Student Research Competition at ASSETS, a highly regarded conference for accessibility research.