TV Studio C

This double height studio could be ideal for TV programmes or live music recording.

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1980 sq ft (184 sq m) / 13ft (4m) floor to grid

The studio is acoustically treated with an isolated production studio and galleries. The production galleries are also acoustical isolated with access to talkback.

Thee studio has a double cyclorama curtain with white and black cloths available. Access to this studio is via double doors: 2300mm x 2600mm.


A combination of dimmer circuits (for tungsten fixtures) and DMX distribution for fixtures with local dimming (for fluorescent/LED fixtures):

  • Doughty type 60 sliding rail system - 6 x rails, 12 x cross pieces - 24 x 16a dimming system (for tungsten lighting)
  • Soco outlets at grid and floor level:
    • 42 x 13a outlets distributed at grid level
    • 12 x 13a outlets at floor level
    • 8 x 32a outlets at studio floor level

Lighting fixtures in grid:

  • Arri 1K fresnel x 6
  • Dedo DLH4 x 6
  • Aurora Cyc flood x 8
  • Kinoflo Parabeam 400 x 4

The lighting desk in Studio C is an Avolites Tiger Touch.

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