Research Projects

Research projects in the School of Law covers a number of areas of UK, EU, US and International Law.

Some of our projects have gone on to inform on-going legal projects across Europe and the USA on topical issues such as the death penalty.

Our key research projects have included human rights law and environmental law, plus other areas such as law and the use of scientific evidence, international and European law, judicial ethics, jurisprudence and law and pedagogy.

Human rights law

Human rights law

The School of Law’s interest in human rights law covers the domestic, European and International jurisdictions and works to raise awareness of issues like the death penalty and equal protection and discrimination.
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Environmental law

Environmental law

Research into domestic and European environmental law covers the regulation of industrial pollution, environmental governance and the development of legal duties for the protection of the interests of future generations.
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Other research projects

Criminal law and criminology

Jill Molloy’s principal research interests are in the reform of the law of theft, changes to inchoate offences and the law of homicide. She is also interested in evidence law and sentencing policy in the criminal justice system.

Teaching and learning the law

Angela Kerry’s principal research interests include assessment of the effectiveness of educational method (including e-learning approaches).

Alison Turnbull’s principal research interests are in the perceptions of the effects of training in self-esteem/self-confidence in law undergraduates and the perceptions of potential tortious liability in infant/primary school settings.