Carrie Churnside

Senior Lecturer in Music & Research Degrees Coordinator

Birmingham Conservatoire

Carrie Churnside is a Senior Lecturer in Music and Research Degrees Coordinator.

She specialises in Italian Baroque music, particularly the genre of the cantata.

After graduating from the University of Birmingham with a BA (Hons, First Class) in English and Music in 2002, she went on to complete an MPhil on cantatas by Giovanni Paolo Colonna ('Colonna's Cantatas for the Medici: A Study of GB-Lbm Add. MS 27931') and a PhD on Bolognese volumes of cantate morali e spirituali ('A Study of Sacred Cantatas Printed in Bologna 1659-1717').

Prior to joining the staff of the Conservatoire in 2010 she held a Rome Fellowship at the British School at Rome (2008-9), studying Roman seventeenth-century sacred cantatas.

Carrie's research centres on Italian seventeenth-century vocal music, in particular the relationship between text and music, and its performance context. She has presented at various international conferences throughout Europe. Recent work includes studies of the relationship between composer and librettist in early eighteenth-century oratorio, propaganda cantatas that discuss the Ottoman conflict, and music printing and publishing in Bologna at the beginning of the eighteenth century. She is also a member of the Council of the Handel Institute.

Current projects include a chapter on musical discourse in Italy 1500-1800 for The Cambridge History of Music Criticism and a study of musical patronage in Bologna c. 1700, based on newly discovered documents in the Albergati archive. She is also working on a critical edition of cantatas by Giovanni Paolo Colonna.

She teaches on a number of modules for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses, on subjects including performance practice, Italian Baroque music, women and music, and music and philosophy, as well as supervising research students.

Current Activity

Senior Lecturer - BMus, MMus, PGDip, PGCert (as well as supervising research students)

  • 'Musical Discourse in Italy, 1500-1800'. Chapter in The Cambridge History of Music Criticism. In preparation.
  • Study of the composer Count Pirro Albergati's role as patron and opera impresario in Bologna c.1700
  • Critical edition of cantatas by Giovanni Paolo Colonna.
Areas of Expertise
  • Italian Baroque music
  • The Italian cantata and oratorio
  • Music printing and publishing in the 17th and early 18th centuries
  • Relationships between text and music
  • PhD (2008) and MPhil (2004) in Music (University of Birmingham)
  • BA (Hons) (First class) English and Music (2002), University of Birmingham 
  • PGCert in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (2011), Birmingham City University

Carrie is module co-ordinator for:

  • Performance Traditions 1 (BMus 1)
  • Contextual Studies Project (BMus 4)
  • Music and Ideas (Postgraduate)

Carrie also teaches on the following modules:

  • History of Western Music to 1900 (BMus 1)
  • Contextual Specialisms (Women in Music; The Genesis of Genre in Baroque Italy: BMus 3)
  • Musicianship Specialisms (Understanding Baroque Song: BMus 3)
  • Performance Traditions 3 (BMus 3)
  • Performance Matters (Postgraduate)
  • Professional Portfolio (Postgraduate)
  • Advanced Editorial Techniques (Postgraduate)

Research Project (Postgraduate)

Postgraduate Supervision

Research Supervision

Carrie would like to hear from potential research/graduate students with interests in her research areas.

Completed research
  • Embodied Knowledge:
The Case of Ensemble Performance
  • Gaspar Cassadó’s Cello Arrangements and Performance Style
Current research
  • The Masses of Francesco Foggia (1604-1688) (Director of Studies)
  • Music-making in Country Houses of the English Midlands, 1750-1830
  • Finding the Composer's Voice: The Creation of a Personal Musical Language
  • Anubis: A Triptych of Orchestral Pieces
  • Metta Vee: Studies in Polystylistic Musical Composition
  • New Tonal: Musical Composition Exploiting and Developing the Alternative Functional Harmony of the Bohlen-Pierce Scale

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