Actor Short Films - 2017 Graduates


The Babysitter

Luke - Daniel Lipton
Tanya - Iona Crampton

It's date night for Luke, the parents are on a cruise and his younger siblings need a responsible adult for the night. Who to trust more than Brixton's finest, Tanya Hart...


The Lift

Stewart - Marc Rafferty
Ewan - Dean Gribble

Two men are in an elevator trying to get to floor eleven. The only problem is; it's powered by voice recognition, and they're Scottish. The rest is history.



Chelsea - Kaitlin Cole
Marcus - Jordan Taylor

Marcus is in debt to some very bad people and needs Chelsea to help him, but does she have what it takes?



Regan - Vivian Belosky
Jeff - Luke Riley

Regan brings Jeff home with her after meeting at a party. Regan already has a boyfriend - but Jeff knows exactly which buttons to press to wear her down.


Sure This Is It

K - Niamh Finlay
C - Cormac Elliot

K and C two best friends reflect on living in Ireland and their plans for the future.


The Powder Room

Channel - Elena Stewart
Sam - Alex Fyfe

Two friends with two very different outlooks on life bump into each other in the toilets of a nightclub. One is here with her friend and the other is alone and on the pull.


A Gentleman's Guide To Love

Dominic - Khalid Daley
Alex - Kane Aspey

Dominic has a new theory on how to pick up girls. However it turns out the good old fashioned way works just as well.


Our Girl

Molly - Rianna Ash
Smurf - Dafydd Hughes

After serving in Afghanistan, Smurf takes best friend Molly to visit his favourite place that reminds him of his dead brother Geraint. Could this be the opportunity for Smurf to tell Molly how he really feels about her?


White Heat

Charlie - Megan Ellis
Lilly - Isabella Williams

London's Tufnell Park, 1970. Charlie and Lilly are flat mates and extremely close friends. After Lilly reveals to Charlie her inability to carry children, due to aborting a child years ago, whose father was their close friend Jack, Charlie finds it difficult to reveal her own pregnancy and who the father may be.


Sizzling Sausages

Josh - Sam Beech
Patrick - Zachary Barber

After recently splitting from his girlfriend, Josh realises he's gay, Josh likes Patrick. Patrick likes Josh. But nothing's as simple as that in Josh's world.



Emily - Femke Witney
Lee - William Keetch

After the funeral of her younger brother Bobby, who was killed in Afghanistan, Lee and Emily are forced to confront their demons.



Grace - Georgia Christodoulou
Robert - Daniel Nicholas

After Grace receives a very forward love letter from fellow Cambridge student Robert, the pair agree to go on a date. Grace is poised and elegant. Robert is not.  Hilarity and romance ensues!