Student Support

School Reps and SALs

School Reps

School Reps are the student voice in meetings that take place in the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment. They are asked for students’ opinions on issues that come up in meetings. This could be anything from how to arrange furniture in a study area to course content and structure. For example, in 2016, the School Reps helped with updating our courses as part of the Transforming the Curriculum project, which means that the student view has had, and continues to have, an impact for years to come!

School Reps also work with our Student Academic Leaders to get feedback on all courses across all year groups so that the University can make fair decisions. Your School Reps are recruited by the Students’ Union, to ensure that they are impartial and represent your views.

Student Academic Leaders

Student Academic Leaders (SALs) represent their course and year within the Faculty. It is difficult for School Reps to gather feedback from every course for every year so SALs make the process of getting feedback a lot easier. It also allows for easier means of communication if there are problems within courses of which School Reps may not be aware. SALs and Reps meet every six to eight weeks to update one another on key information.

As we have a SAL for every course and every year, we need you! You will find out more about student representation during Welcome Week, but if you are already interested in being a SAL, you can get ahead of the game. For your application, we ask you to write a paragraph about why you would like to be a SAL. You can start writing this now and submit it to your Programme Leader once you have started your course. All first year SALs will be chosen by October.