Welcome Week Tips

Welcome Week Tips

Make sure you turn up to key events

Some events, such as your Faculty and course programme talks provide you with essential information that you need to know. Others give you a chance to meet tutors and fellow students and help you settle in. Even though some events start early, they can be crucial for you as a student, so prioritise your time, strike a balance, and ensure that you do come to these talks even if you partied into the early hours of the morning.

Download the Welcome Week App

We aim to make your Welcome Week experience as seamless as possible with our brand new app. Visit this page to download the app.

Get to know your campus

There are four buildings in the City Centre Campus, and all of them are available for you to use to study, relax and spend time with other students. Explore the campus so that you know where things are for when you need them later on.

Be tech-savvy

Make sure you’ve got the right equipment for your course! Don’t go splashing out on a brand new MacBook until you know it will run the software that you need! Ask one of our Student Success Advisers or your programme leader for advice before you buy anything.

Get to know your Personal Tutor

Your Personal Tutor will be there to guide you throughout your studies. They can also advise you on things such as employability, how to get ahead with your studies and what to do if things get too much.

Budget carefully!

Student finance often doesn’t come through until the week you commence your classes. Make sure that you have enough money to get you through the two weeks before, so that you can participate in as many events as possible.

Think ahead

If you think that you may require additional maths, English or writing support, consider signing up to our Head Start Programme.

Get the support you need

If you have any particular needs or disabilities, book an appointment with our Enablement Team so that we can get the right support in place for you.

Check out Graduate+

Our Graduate+ programme supports you to earn awards that demonstrates core employability skills. It’s a great way to get involved in events, meet new people and learn new skills. Did you know we even offer the chance to learn a new language for free?

If you get stuck or lost - just ask!

We will have Student Buddies in bright purple hoodies and special hubs at key locations across the campus. Our Student Buddies are current students and know all about the joys and worries of starting university. If you need help, please ask them.

Student Buddies