The Team

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  • Zuby Ahmed

    Programme & Creative Director Video Game Design & Production

    Zuby is a seasoned game developer and manager, with a career spanning over 20 years, 15 years of which have been focused within the Games Industry. Starting as a freelance writer for Edge , Zuby went onto work for Digital Image Design , Warthog Games , and EA Games . In 2006 Zuby founded SmashMouth Games (SMG), with a...

  • Alex Darby

    Gamer Camp Guest Lecturer

    Alex was a founding member of FreeStyleGames, the creators and developers of DJ Hero. His first industry job was as a Prototyping Programmer for Codemasters in 1996, and he has since worked as both a Lead Designer and a Lead Programmer. He currently works as an Indie Developer.

  • Guy Wilday

    Gamer Camp Industry Consultant

    Guy was formerly the Studio Director at SEGA Racing Studio (Sega Rally) as well as Head of Studio at Codemasters (Colin McRae Rally). He is currently Development Director at Sony London Studio and heads the Gamer Camp Video Games Advisory Board.

3 items found, viewing items 1 to 3.