School of English hosts careers day


The School of English recently held a careers day, organised by graduate student success advisor Ceri Osborne. The day hosted 14 guest speakers, each presenting a different perspective of life after university.

Ceri stated that ‘some students know the career they want to pursue but not how to get there, and some just don’t have an idea what their next step after graduation might be.‘

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Through the Careers Event she offered an insight into what some of our students have done post-graduation and how their degree helped. Students also heard from established representatives in different industries about their experiences. Allowing them to tell their stories first-hand gave students an idea of the pitfalls to look out for and the pro-tips on getting ahead.

The event offered speakers from teaching, radio, the police, the NHS, acting, postgraduate study, and script consultancy amongst other professions and experiences. Following the speakers the University hosted a selection of stands from businesses who offered information and opportunities of employment.

Mesha Pope, (third year English and Drama student) commented that

Mesha also recognised that the University host a wealth of careers events, which are all extremely useful in their own right, however, it was fantastic that this event was tailored to English students specifically.

Post event Ceri reflected that ‘the Careers+ team and the School worked to put on a really successful event which highlighted just a fraction of what is out there for our students after their degree.’


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