TV Studio B (Giant Green Screen)

  • Curzon Street Studios - Studio B
  • Curzon Street Studios - Studio B
  • Curzon Street Studios - Studio B
  • Curzon Street Studios - Studio B

Studio B is located in the heart of the UK, based in Birmingham city centre, minutes from New Street Station and close to the M6.

This space boasts one of the largest fixed green screens in the UK, with a 3 wall infinity cove – a perfect studio for Chroma key video production. The studio has been used for filming TV commercials, TV promos, music videos, web presentations and the live-streaming of online entertainment shows. Studio B offers pre-rigged lighting for green screen as well as access to the lighting rig with a hoist controller at ground floor level. Black cyclorama and matting are also available to create a black studio.

The green studio also houses our BOLT state of the art camera. We are the only University in the country to have the BOLT JR+ which our Digital Arts students can utilise for high-scale productions. BOLT JR+ is a compact, lighter weight high-speed camera robot with a longer reach than the BOLT JR. The agile, smaller rig also comes with an increased camera payload (10kg) and is an ideal solution for smaller spaces or location work.

Curzon Street Studios has been acoustically treated and isolated from the main building and offers a dedicated green room, dressing room and WiFi.

Pricing is reasonably tailored to your requirements.

Studio B specifications

Studio Dimensions

  • L15.9m x W13.5m x H7.2m
  • 2206 sq ft (205 sq m)

Pre-lit green screen

  • X10 Image 85’s
  • X2 2k space lights
  • X2 Para Beams
  • X4 Para Zips
  • Selected floor lighting available on request


  • 600Mbit/s superfast broadband
  • Free Wifi in all Studios
  • Green room and production office
  • Make–up & shower rooms
  • Disabled toilets

Hoist operated lighting rig

  • 12x 4m Doughty lighting bars with hoists rated at 150kg each containing 4x 16A dimmer circuits, a 5kW mains circuit, 4x 13A mains circuits for intelligent lights, 2x DMX (double universe) outputs
  • Hoist Controller at floor level
  • 48x 16A dimming system for tungsten lighting
  • 18x 13A outlets distributed around the cyc


  • Pre-rigger LED bi-coloured battens to dial in any hue to illuminate white cyc
  • X10 Bi-coloured Arri LC7’s
  • X10 Arri 1k fresnels
  • X4 Source Fours
  • Selected floor lighting available on request

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