Bass Trombone in G

Catalogue number: 7.6

Original name: Bass trombone in G.

Maker: Antoine Courtois & Mille.

Place of origin: London, c.1878-1880.

Overall size: 1429mm, bell diameter: 194mm.

Sounding length: 1838mm.

Bore: c 50mm from mouthpiece receiver: 11mm not expanding in 110mm from mouthpiece receiver; main tuning slide: descending slide, 11.7mm; ascending slide, 11.6mm; joint, 11.6mm; valve tuning slide: 13.6mm-18mm.

Diameter of mouthpiece receiver: 12.2mm.

Technical description: Brass, decorative stay ferrules. Original main body tuning slide but evidence of alteration.

Inscription: Engraved on Bell: (motif: medal: “MÉDAILLE / DE / 1RE CLASSE / EXPOSITION / UNIVERSELLE / 1855) / Médaille / LONDRES 1862 / Exposition Universelle / PARIS 1867 / Médaille d’Honneur / EN ERGENT / ANTOINE COURTOIS & MILLE / MILLE SR ./ FACTEUR DU CONSERVATOIRE NATIONAL / 88rue des Marais St. Martin / Paris / 1LR PRIX / GRANDE MÉDAILLE D’OR/EXPOSITION DE MOSCOU / 1878 / S. ARTHUR CHAPPELL / Sole agent / 52 New Bond Street / London”.

Usable pitch: Plays at a’ = 440 Hz.

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Previous collection numbers: A and B: Item 70a or 70b.

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