Tenor Trombone in B Flat

Catalogue number: 7.2

Original name: Tenor trombone in B flat.

Maker: Peerless Co.

Place of origin: Birmingham, c.1913-1950.

Serial number: 514.

Peerless was the successor to Birmingham firm Gisbourne (c 1839-1913).

Overall size: 1102mm, bell diameter: 141mm.

Sounding length: 2600mm.

Bore: c 50mm from mouthpiece receiver: 9.8mm not expanding in 110mm from mouthpiece receiver; main tuning slide: descending slide, 11.4mm; ascending slide, 11.4mm; joint, 12.3mm; valve tuning slide: 11.5mm-12.9mm.

Diameter of mouthpiece receiver: 11.7mm.

Technical description: Brass, decorative ferrules on end of slide, and bell stay (other stays original by not decorated).

Inscription: Engraved on Bell: “P.C” (enclosed in ornate motif) / “PEERLESS Co. / MAKERS / 51 / SHERBOURNE ROAD / BALSALL HEATH / BIRMINGHAM / ENGLAND” / [motif].

Faults: Cracks: considerable denting mid way up bell water key at foot of slide. No slide screw on bell-piece. Main body slide badly dented and bent. Inner tuning slide stay has come dethatched.

Usable pitch: Plays at a’ = 440 Hz.

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Previous owner: Lancelot Key.

Previous collection numbers: A and B: Item 91.

Collection assignation: Key Collection.

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