Alto Trombone in E Flat

Catalogue number: 7.1

Original name: Alto trombone in E flat.

Maker: M & S Hyam.

Place of origin: England, late 19th Century.

Overall size: 818mm, bell diameter: 142mm.

Sounding length: 2008mm.

Bore: c 50mm from mouthpiece receiver: 11.3mm not expanding in 110mm from mouthpiece receiver; main tuning slide: descending slide, 11.3mm; ascending slide, 11.3mm; joint, 11.3mm.

Diameter of mouthpiece receiver: 11.5mm.

Technical description: This may have been a tenor trombone cut down to a high-pitch alto instrument (rather than lengthened to a low-pitch tenor).

No water key on slide. This is the only known instrument by Hyam, there is no evidence that this is the same as the Manchester-based company J Higham (see 7.3). No slide water key or main body tuning slide. Slide-body screw lock.

Inscription: Engraved on Bell: “M. & S. HYAM”.

Faults: A few minor dents on bell-piece. Slide is not moving freely.

Usable pitch: Plays at a’ = 440 Hz.

Repair history: Slide freed up, May 2008.

Illustration references: See below.

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Previous collection numbers: B: Item 89.

Collection assignation: Key Collection.

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