Double Bass Bow

Catalogue number: 10.7

Original name: Double bass bow.

Maker: School of John Dodd (possibly James (1792-1865)).

Technical description: Dragonetti style. Tortoiseshell frog with gold ferrule and thumb-piece; gold button with pearl facets; and mother-of-pearl eye with two surrounding gold bands.

Overall size: 658mm.

Weight: 207g.

Hair length: 491mm.

Balance point: 288mm.

Head height: 21.5mm.

Head width: 40mm (sloped head face).

Head face length: 14 – 20.5mm.

Frog diameter: 69mm.

Frog height: Rounded.

Stick width: 14 - 11mm.

Button length: 24.5mm.

Ferrule width: 13.5mm.

Inscription: Engraved on ferrule “L Deacon / Leicester”.

Illustration references: See below.

Previous owner: E. S. Fry.

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