Violin Bow

Catalogue number: 10.31

Original name: Violin bow.

Maker: James Tubbs (1835-1921), London.

Technical description: Ebony square-shape frog with silver ferrule and one-piece silver button.

Modern style head with silver face. This later example by James Tubbs displays the characteristic round - octagonal arrangement going to round sooner than 10.28.

Overall size: 745mm.

Weight: 61g.

Hair length: 649mm.

Balance point: 257mm.

Head height: 23mm.

Head width: 10 – 3mm.

Head face length: 24mm.

Frog diameter: 12mm.

Frog height: 20mm.

Stick width: 8 – 4mm.

Button length: 16mm.

Ferrule width: 11mm.

Inscription: Stamped “Jas. Tubbs” on thumb side of stick above the frog.

Performance characteristics: Sound cracks easily.

Illustration references: See below.

Recording references: Click here

Previous owner: E. S. Fry.

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