Catalogue number: 8.2

Original name: Ophicleide.

Type or system: 11 keys.

Maker: Unknown, possibly by Gautrot, c.1850-70.

Serial number: 35 [on top key].

Overall size: 1055mm.

Sounding length: 2535mm.

Diameter of mouthpiece receiver: 12.6mm; diameter of crook receiver: 33.5mm.

Technical description: Lacquered brass body. Eleven domed round keys attached to the body of the instrument by post and axles on brass plates. Springs attached to the keys. Axles all with screw adjusters.

Key work and finger holes

Left hand thumb:


Left hand, first finger:

B (open = C).

Left hand, second finger:

C sharp.

Left hand, third finger:

E flat.

Right hand thumb:


Right hand, first finger:

B flat.

Right hand, second finger:


Right hand, third finger:

G sharp overlapping G.

Right hand, second finger:


Right hand, fourth finger:


Faults: One key broken [broken part retained]. Numerous dents, broken springs, and places where brass has rot.

Illustration references: See below.

Previous owner: Lancelot Key.

Previous collection numbers: A and B: Item 99 or 58.

Collection assignation: Key Collection.

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