Harp-lute (Guitar)

Catalogue number: 11.3

Original name: Harp-lute (guitar).

Type or system: 11 strings: 6 + 5 bass.

Maker: Ward, A.

Place of origin: Liverpool, c.1830s.

Overall size: 875mm; body length: 445mm; body width: 360mm; body depth: 150mm; string length: 446mm, bass strings: 596mm - 688mm.

Technical description: Vaulted back of six panels; decorative gold sun-burst rose and gold flower on peg-box; gilt decoration on body front, back and side panels, on peg-box support bar and edges of peg-box.

Twelve ivory or bone frets, ivory or bone bridge; brass pegs and two brass ditals; neck and finger board painted black; small sound hole at the back; small strap button, possibly ebony.

Inscription: Painted around sound board hole: “WARD” / “LIVERPOOL” / “MAKER”.

Illustration references: See below.

Previous owner: W. H. Spittle. Donated to Birmingham School of Music, 1914.

Previous catalogue number: B: Item 67.

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