English Guitar

Catalogue number: 11.2

Original name: English Guitar.

Type or system: Nine strings.

Maker: Michael Rauche.

Place of origin: London, 1779.

Overall size: 805mm; body width: 307mm; body length: 395mm; body depth: 130mm approx; string length: 526mm.

Technical description: Nine strings. (only three pegs remain). No fret markings on finger-board (suggesting that there were either no frets or that they were made of gut and tied on); evidence of three frets on the sound board. Minimal decoration. 21 ribs. Soundboard cracked.

The nut has had some alteration of the grooves of strings and the tail-piece has had additional string holes drilled. Some holes are close together, perhaps indicating some strings were double course. Decorative carved pattern around sound-board hole.

Faults: Sound-board rose missing. Frets missing.

Inscription: Written in black ink underneath strap button: “1779 Michael Rauches, Stangate Street, Stangate, Surrey”.

Illustration references: See below.

Previous catalogue number: B: Probably Item 62.

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