Flute in F

Catalogue number: 2.6

Original name: Flute in F.

Type or system: Six keys.

Maker: Unknown.

Place of origin: England, late 19th century.

Technical description: Three sections of rosewood or cocus. Head joint: 185mm; middle joint: 176mm; lower joint: 170mm. No separate foot-joint.

Six modern-style salt spoon keys mounted on one raised round ring, one raised round half ring and four raised blocks. Four silver decorative ferrules; slightly oval embouchure hole.

Key work and finger holes

Finger hole diameter (av.)

Left hand thumb:

B flat key

Left hand, first finger:

T; 6.3mm

Left hand, second finger:

T; 7.3mm

Left hand, third finger:

T; 6.5mm

Right hand, first finger:

T; G sharp, long C key; 7.2mm

Right hand, second finger:

T; 8.1mm

Right hand, third finger:

T; long F key; 6.5mm

Right hand, fourth finger:

D sharp / E flat key

Inscription: “[motif: crown] / IMPROVED / LONDON / F”.

Faults: Crack on the mouth-piece through the joint and spanning its length. Slight crack on the foot joint. Tuning stop missing, though there is cork on the inside. The key movement is a bit stiff.

Repair history: Tenons rebound with string and leather pads replaced. Mouth-piece crack has been glued.

Usable pitch: Plays at a’ = 460 Hz.

Illustration references: See below

Previous collection numbers: B: Item U.S. 12.

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