Flute in F

Catalogue number: 2.5

Original name: Flute in F.

Type or system: One key.

Maker: Joseph Riley & Sons fl 1851-1894.

Place of origin: Birmingham, late 19th Century.

Riley & Sons had a workshop in Henrietta Street and Hampton Street, from 1851. In 1894 the company moved to 25 Constitution Hill. Kelly’s Directory, 1867: 25 Constitution Hill.

Overall size: 504mm total length.

Technical description: Four sections of rosewood. Head joint: 193mm; upper joint: 177mm; lower joint: 115; foot joint: 75mm.

One silver key with salt spoon-style keyhead mounted on a round ring; Spring attached to the underside of key. 5 silver ferrules. Slightly oval embouchure hole.

Key work and finger holes Finger hole diameter (av.)
Left hand, first finger: T; 6.1mm
Left hand, second finger: T; 7.3mm
Left hand, third finger: T; 6.1mm
Right hand, first finger: T; 7.5mm
Right hand, second finger: T; 8.0mm
Right hand, third finger: T; 5.9mm
Right hand, fourth finger: D sharp / E flat

Inscription: Stamped on Head joint: “RILEY & SONS / JOSEPH / BIRMINGHAM”.

Faults: One small crack on lower joint.

Usable pitch: Plays at c.a’ = 440 Hz.

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Previous collection numbers: B: Item U.S. 12.

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