Flute in B Flat

Catalogue number: 2.4

Original name: Flute in B flat.

Type or system: Five keys.

Maker: G. Potter & Co. fl. 1860 -1939.

Place of origin: Aldershot, England, late 19th Century.

Workshop established by George Potter, son of Henry. No link has been established between this Potter family and that of the other Potters, who flourished in the 19th Century, of which item 10.9 is an example.

Overall size: 389mm total length.

Technical description: Two sections of cocus. Head joint: 154mm; main joint: 235mm.

Five keys with modern-style salt spoon key flaps mounted by post and axles. Spring attached by rivets to underside of key; spring ends rest on round metal plugs recessed into the wood. Large and slightly oval embouchure hole.

Key work and finger holes

Finger hole diameter (av.)

Left hand thumb: T; 6.5mm Left hand, second finger: T; 7.5mm Left hand, third finger: T; 4.8mm Left hand, fourth finger: T; C key Right hand, first finger T; G sharp key; 6.7mm Right hand, second finger T; Short F key; 7.7mm Right hand, third finger T; 5mm Right hand, fourth finger D sharp / E flat key

Inscription: Stamped on Head joint: “GEO. POTTER & CO / ALDERSHOT”.

Faults: Tuning screw damaged - cork missing.

Repair history: D sharp / E flat key has been repaired.

Usable pitch: Plays at a’ = 460 Hz.

Illustration references: See below

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