Flute in C

Catalogue number: 2.10

Original name: Flute in C.

Type or system: Eight keys.

Maker: Unknown.

Place of origin: Possibly German due to the characteristic end cap, late 19th Century.

Overall size: 655mm.

Technical description: Five sections of ebony or blackwood. Head joint: 150mm (197mm including metal tuning sleeve); barrel: 72mm; upper joint: 217mm; lower joint: 133mm; foot joint: 149mm.

Eight modern-style silver keys mounted by post and axles. Screw tuning stopper; slightly oval embouchure hole; adjacent C/C sharp touches. Silver surrounds to the six finger holes.

Key work and finger holes

Finger hole diameter (av.)

Left hand thumb

B Flat

Left hand, first finger:

T; 6.3mm

Left hand, second finger:

T; 6.1mm

Left hand, third finger:

T; G sharp; long F; 5.9mm

Right hand, first finger:

T; C; 7.3mm

Right hand, second finger:

T; 7.3mm

Right hand, third finger:

T; cross F; 5.4mm

Right hand, fourth finger:

E flat; low C sharp; low C

Faults: Crack the length of barrel and head joint.

Repair history: Re-padded shortly before 2000. Tenons replaced with cork.

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