Oboe in C

Catalogue number: 3.8

Original name: Oboe in C.

Type or system: Simple system.

Maker: Jacques Albert.

Place of origin: Brussels, c.1910.

Overall size: 597mm.

Technical description: Three sections of rosewood. Upper joint: 252.5mm; lower joint: 259.5mm; bell: 125mm.

German silver modern key work; metal reed well lining; socket linings and bell ring; thumb-plate, rosewood, one key on upper joint and lower joint engraved ‘B.S.M’ (Birmingham School of Music).

Inscription: Stamped on all three joints: “ [motif: sunburst] / JACQUES ALBERT / BRUXELLES / [motif: sunburst]”.

Cases, etc: Original case.

Faults: Cracks: upper part of bell (small), upper part of lower joint (also small), and just above halfway up on front of upper joint.

Illustration references: See below.

Previous collection numbers: A: Item 4.

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