Oboe in C

Catalogue number: 3.7

Original name: Oboe in C

Type or system: Six or seven keys.

Maker: Schölnast.

Place of origin: Pressburg, c.1811-1844.

Overall size: 339mm.

Bore: Lower joint: 16.5mm - 15mm; bell: 15mm - 45mm.

Technical description: Two sections of boxwood (originally three). Lower joint: 227mm; bell: 137mm.

Ivory ferrules; two vent holes in bell; thumb rest for right hand. Silver keys with round, flat keyheads mounted on two raised rings and one raised block. Overlapping C / C sharp touches. Key springs attached by rivets to the key.

Inscription: Stamped on both joints: “[motif: crest] / SCHÖLNAST / PRESSBURG”.

Faults: Top joint missing; bell ferrule missing; key springs damaged.

Illustration references: See below.

Previous collection numbers: B: Item U.S. 12. (“This is the lower joint of an oboe of c. 1830, by Scholnash. Formerly incorrectly catalogued as Clarinet in C or E flat.”)

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