Pastoral Oboe

Catalogue number: 3.3

Original name: Pastoral Oboe.

Type or system: Six keys.

Maker: Unknown.

Place of origin: Probably France, mid 19th Century.

Overall size: 362.4mm.

Bore: Upper joint: 5.6mm - 9.1mm; lower joint: 9.1mm - 28.5mm.

Technical description: Two sections of rosewood. Upper joint: 240mm; lower joint: 139.2mm.

Six silver salt spoon-style keys, mounted by post and axles attached directly to the body. Two needle springs and three leaf springs attached by rivets to the underneath of the key touch piece. Silver band on bell.

Key work and finger holes

Finger hole diameter (av.)

Left hand thumb:

T (key)

Left hand, first finger


Left hand, second finger:


Left hand, third finger:


Right hand, first finger:

T; (2key) G sharp, long F

Right hand, second finger:

T; (long F)

Right hand, third finger:

E flat (key)

Faults: Brass ferrule missing, top of bell. Three small vertical cracks at top of bell; one serious and leaking air.

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