Double Flageolet in A

Catalogue number: 1.3

Original name: Double flageolet in A.

Maker: Henry Hastrick

Place of origin: London, c.1832-1855. Hastrick is listed as having been a flute and flageolet maker in 1832. In 1835 succeeded Bainbridge (see item 1.2).

Overall size: 510mm.

Sounding length: right-hand pipe 374mm, left hand pipe 331mm.

Diameter of beak: Round embouchure hole, 4.9mm.

Diameter of beak receiver: 9.2mm.

Bore: Wind cap: 9.2mm - 9.2mm, opening out to 47mm from 14mm; head joint: lips - 20mm av. both pipes; left hand pipe: 14.5mm - 11mm; right hand pipe: 15.2mm av. - 10.5mm.

Technical description: Stained boxwood body: Two pipes, head joint, wind cap and ivory beak mouthpiece. Ivory studs: four on left hand pipe, three on right hand pipe. Round key heads (flap design S ) mounted on integral wooden blocks. Springs attached by rivets to underside of keys.

Inscription: “HASTRICK / 35 / HOLBORN / HILL / LONDON” and “NEW PATENT” and “NEW C KEY” on upper joint. Key names on each pipe next to each finger hole.

Faults: Wind cap: top ferrule cracked; head joint: right-hand cutter broken, “New C” key missing; right-hand pipe: bottom ferrule missing, B key missing. left hand pipe: two upper most studs seem to have been repositioned; D sharp key broken; low C sharp key missing and hole plugged. Unplayable in current state.

General literature: Waterhouse, William: “The Double Flageolet - Made in England”. The Galpin Society Journal. LII April, 1999. pp 172-183.

Illustration references: See below.

Previous owner: William Bentley.

Previous collection numbers: A and B: item 23.

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