Flageolet in A Flat

Catalogue Number: 1.1

Original name: Flageolet in A flat.

Type or system: 5 Keys.

Maker: Unknown, c.1850.

Overall size: 392.7mm (including beak).

Diameter of beak: Ellipse shaped embouchure: 6mm x 3.5mm.

Diameter of beak receiver: 5.2mm.

Bore: Beak: 5.2mm - 8.5mm, opening out to 14.9mm from 9.5mm from the end; wind cap: 19.4mm - 23mm; head joint: lip - 11.5mm; middle joint: 11.7mm - 10mm.

Sounding length: 74.5mm.

Technical description: Five sections in grenadilla: beak: 60.2mm; wind cap: 86mm; head joint: 85.4mm; middle: 86.2mm; lower:137.1mm; mother of pearl beak mouthpiece mounted in silver cap: 59.5mm.
Two thumb holes, four finger holes, five modern style silver keys mounted by post and axles on plates (all on lower joint).
Three silver ferrules at the end of each joint and a silver end ferrule/cap. Springs attached to underside of keys by pins.

Usable pitch: a’ = 450 Hz.

Illustration references: See below

Previous owner: William Bentley.

Previous collection numbers: A and B: Item 24.

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