Clarinet in B Flat

Catalogue number: 4.8

Original name: Clarinet in B flat.

Type or system: Simple system, 12 keys.

Maker: E. Albert.

Place of origin: Brussels, c.1890-1930.

Serial number: 8369.

Overall size: 415mm.

Technical description: Three sections in rosewood. (Mouthpiece missing; upper joint: 183mm; lower joint: 228mm; bell: 104mm)

German silver key work, ferrules and bell rim. Modern style keys mounted by posts and axles. Leaf and needle springs.

Inscription: Stamped on upper joint: “[motif: 6-pointed star] / [motif: reef]” (above speaker key); “S.A.CHAPPELL / SOLE AGENT / 50 NEW BOND STREET / LONDON / [motif: 6-pointed star]” (below speaker key); on lower joint: “[motif: 6-pointed star] / MANUFACTURED / BY / E. ALBERT /BRUSSELS / [motif: 6-pointed star]”; on barrel: “[motif: 6-pointed star] / S. A. CHAPPELL / LONDON / [motif: 6-pointed star]”. At the bottom of upper joint and top of lower joint: “8369” - serial number; engraved on C sharp key: “CHAPPELL’S NEW PATENT / C SHARP KEY”.

Faults: Barrel missing, no mouthpiece.

Previous collection numbers: B: Item U.S. 14.

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