Clarinet in E Flat

Catalogue number: 4.7

Original name: Clarinet in E flat.

Type or system: Simple system, 13 keys.

Maker: Mahillon & Co.

Place of origin: Brussels, 1903.

Serial number: 603mm.

Overall size: 479mm.

Technical description: Four sections: barrel and bell of ebonite and upper and lower joints of blackwood. Silver ferrules and modern style keys mounted by posts and axles. Leaf springs attached to keys by pins, needle springs.

Mouthpiece missing. Patent C sharp key plus upper joint right hand E flat/ B flat key.

Inscription: Stamped on upper joint: “ [motif: 6-pointed star] / C. MAHILLON & Co / LONDON / MADE AT THEIR / BRUSSELLS / WORKS / [motif: 6-pointed star]”; on lower joint and bell: “[motif: 6-pointed star] / C. MAHILLON & Co / LONDON / [motif: 6-pointed star]”; on both upper and lower joints, on back: “D.Y.R.M.S. / 1903 / 17”; on the top back of lower joint: “630”.

Faults: Mouthpiece missing.

Previous collection numbers: B: Item U.S. 13.

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