Clarinet in B Flat (Eight Keys)

Catalogue number: 4.5

Original name: Clarinet in B flat.

Type or system: Eight Keys.

Maker: Cramer & Son.

Place of origin: London, c.1808 - 1812.

Overall size: 594mm total length, not including mouthpiece.

Bore: Barrel: 20mm - 24.6mm; upper joint: 14mm - 14.2mm: lower joint: 14mm - 17.6mm; bell: 22mm - c.58mm.

Technical description: Four sections of ‘tigered’ boxwood. Barrel: 56mm; upper joint: 229.5mm; lower joint: 242mm; bell: 117mm.

Ivory ferrules and bell rim. No mouthpiece. Eight flat square brass keys (flap design A ), mounted on seven raised blocks and one raised ring. Springs attached by rivet to keys.

Key work and finger holes

Finger hole diameter (av.)

Left hand thumb:

T; Speaker / B flat

Left hand, first finger:

T; A natural

Left hand, second finger:


Left hand, third finger:

T; E flat / B flat

Left hand, fourth finger:

Low F sharp / C sharp; Low E / B natural.

Right hand, first finger:

T; A - B natural trill key

Right hand, second finger:

T; B natural / F sharp

Right hand, third finger:


Right hand, fourth finger:

T; A flat / E flat

Inscription: Stamped on upper and lower joints: “1 / CRAMER & SON / LONDON / (motif: unicorn head)”; Stamped on Barrel: 1 / CRAMER / LONDON / (motif: unicorn head).

Faults: One crack on barrel running the length; one at the top of the upper joint running from the top to the throat B key; top barrel ferrule missing, replaced with brass. No mouthpiece. Top joint has been cut down. Bottom joint and/or bell has been cut down.

Repair history: Brass ferrules fitted to top of bell and upper joint.

Usable pitch: Plays at a’ = 435 Hz.

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Previous collection numbers: A and B: Item 32f.

Previous owner: William Bentley.

Collection assignation: Shareshill Church Collection.

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