Clarinet in High F

Catalogue number: 4.1

Original name: Clarinet in High F.

Type or system: Eight keys.

Maker: Monzani, Tebaldo fl London c1810-24.

Place of origin: London, c.1822-29.

The date of the clarinet is from somewhere between 1822 and 1829 (the period he resided at 28 Regent Street). Although Monzani put serial numbers on his instruments from c. 1809, this one has no such mark.

New Langwill Index suggests that he resided at 28 Regent Street, Piccadilly, from 1822 to 1833, but also that the stamp “Monzani & Co.” suggests 1805-08 or later. The patent dates from 1812.

Overall size: 390mm not including mouthpiece (original); bell diameter: 59mm.

Bore: Mouthpiece: 9.9mm; upper joint: 9.5mm av. – 9.5mm; lower joint: 10mm - 12.3mm; bell: 16.4mm - 46.2mm.

Technical description: Four sections of boxwood and mouthpiece of dark wood.

Mouthpiece: 85mm; barrel: 46.2mm; upper joint: 138mm; lower joint: 164mm; bell: 84.6mm.

Ivory ferrules and bell rim. Eight patent brass keys mounted on raised blocks and rings. Each tenon bound with string.

Other: Mouthpiece is original - unusually long tenon matches barrel (a device to help when tuning).

Key work and finger holes

Finger hole diameter (av.)

Left hand thumb:

T; B flat (lower), Speaker

Left hand, first finger:

T; A natural

Left hand, second finger:


Left hand, third finger:


Left hand, fourth finger:

Low E / B natural; low F sharp / C sharp.

Right hand, first finger:

T; A - B natural trill key

Right hand, second finger:

T; B natural / F sharp.

Right hand, third finger:


Right hand, fourth finger:

T; A flat / E flat

Keyhead type: All keys are hinged from raised platforms and have a crown stamped over the pads. Keys are of brass, although Monzani and Hill were registered silversmiths, and have been stamped individually with Monzani and Hill’s hallmark of a crown.

Inscription: Stamped on the Barrel and Bell: [motif: crown] / “MONZANI & Co”; Stamped on the Upper joint [motif: crown] / “MONZANI & Co / 28, REGENT ST / PICCADILLY / LONDON”; Stamped on the lower joint [motif: crown] / “MONZANI & Co / PATENT / KEYS”. Each key head has a crown motif stamped.

Faults: The instrument is a little warped. One key broken.

Repair history: Left hand, third finger key is missing, but the hole had been plugged (fairly recently) with cork. Pin for right hand, fourth finger key has been replaced with a steel or iron one.

Usable pitch: Plays at a’ = 430 Hz.

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Previous collection numbers: A and B: Item 116.

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