Vocal Horn in C and B Flat

Catalogue number: 6.9

Original name: Vocal horn in C and B flat.

Maker: Rudall, Carte & Co.

Place of origin: London, c.1875.

Serial number: 2036.

Overall size: 280mm, bell diameter: 58mm.

Diameter of mouthpiece receiver: 8.2mm.

Technical description: Silver-plated brass, three Périnet bottom-sprung valves, all with tuning slides. C crook with water key, B flat crook without water key. Decorative top and bottom valve caps. Water key on third valve tuning slide.

Repair history: The two water keys are probably not original.

Inscription: Embossed motif on bell: circle with “NE PLUS / ULTRA”; Stamped on bell: “Prize Medal / [motif: RC&Co] / RUDALL CARTE & Co. / 20 / CHARING CROSS / LONDON / No. 2036”.

Usable pitch: a’ = 440 Hz.

Associated with items: Associated with mouthpieces 13.10 and 13.11.

Illustration references: See below.

Recording references: Click here

Smilimar to items: Similar to EUCHMI (3486) Vocal horn in C (Rudall, Rose & Carte, London, 1862-71).

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