Bass Valve Trombone in E Flat

Catalogue number: 6.7

Original name: Bass valve trombone in E flat.

Maker: Besson.

Place of origin: London, early 20th Century.

Serial number: 19843.

Overall size: Bell section: 638mm; main joint: 735mm; bell diameter: 232mm.

Sounding length: 3998mm (Bell section: 2400mm; main joint: 1598mm).

Diameter of mouthpiece receiver: 12mm.

Technical description: Lacquered brass with three Périnet bottom-sprung valves with tuning slides. One main tuning slide with water key between mouthpiece and valves.

Inscription: Stamped on bell: “[Motif - banner with 23 [possibly “25”] Medals of Honour] / FB / F BESSON / 198 EUSTON ROAD, LONDON / [motif - star]”; each valve stamped “7”, “8”, and “9” respectively on left hand side top; Second valve stamped on left hand side top: “[motif: F BESSON / [star] / BREVETTE inside oval] / 19843”.

Faults: Corrosion in places.

Usable pitch: Plays at a’ = 466 Hz (high pitch).

Illustration references: See below.

Previous owner: Lancelot Key.

Previous collection numbers: A and B: Item 94.

Collection assignation: Key Collection.

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