Keyed Bugle in C (Richard Garrett)

Catalogue number: 6.2

Original name: Keyed Bugle in C.

Type or system: Seven keys.

Maker: Richard Garrett.

Place of origin: London c.1823.

Maker: Workshop established 1800, according to an advertisement of 1883; according to Rose (1884), a ‘Garrett Senior’ had made glass flutes; 1823-25 listed as ‘G. & R. Garrett, Flute & Clarionet makers’; 1826 listed as ‘Richard Garrett, clarinet, flute, military and key bugle’, later as ‘key’d bugle maker’; 1869 Richard Garrett was succeeded as proprietor by Murray; 1880 as ‘Garrett & Co.’, by 1894 out.

Overall size: 438mm; bell diameter: 155mm.

Sounding length: 1191mm.

Diameter of mouthpiece receiver: 12.2mm.

Technical description: Copper body with brass mouthpiece receiver, keys, key-hole chimneys, finger support and bell rim.

Seven flat, round keys mounted on post and axles on plates: low B natural, C sharp, D, E flat, E natural, F, F sharp.

Inscription: Engraved on Bell: “GARRETT / Maker / London”.

Repair history: Restored August - October 2000 by Paul Wilde.

Usable pitch: Plays at a’ = 438Hz.

Specific references: New Langwill Index, p.128.

Illustration references: See below.

Previous collection numbers: A and B: Item 100.

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