Catalogue number: 6.11

Original name: Cornopean.

Nominal pitch: B flat, etc.

Maker: George Wigglesworth.

Place of origin: Otley, West Yorkshire, c.1833.

Overall size: 254mm, bell diameter: 131mm.

Sounding length: 1310mm.

Diameter of mouthpiece receiver: 11.8mm.

Technical description: Brass with silver or German silver bell garland, ferrules, mouthpiece receiver and decorative mounts.

Three brass single-coil crooks all with silver ferrule: A flat, G, F; 2 brass shanks: both A, one not original. Clapper key. Mouthpiece. Brass protective valve caps. Three Stölzel valves with springs inside sleeve.

Inscription: Stamped on bell rim: “WIGGLESWORTH / MAKER / OTLEY”.

Cases, etc: With original wooden fitted case.

Faults: A flat crook has been lengthened by inserting tubing in the mouthpiece end. Clapper key support has been soldered onto first valve. Clapper key leaks due to the ineffective cork replacement pad. Valves are worn and leaking air.

Usable pitch: a’ = 440 Hz.

Associated with: Associated with mouthpiece 13.20.

Specific literature references: Listed in the New Langwill Index, p.429.

Illustration references: See below.

Recording references: Click here

Previous owner: Lancelot Key.

Previous collection numbers: A and B: Item 102.

Collection assignation: Key Collection.

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